Power Plant Instrumentation and Control Handbook A Guide to Thermal Power Plants Swapan Basu

Power Plant Instrumentation and Control Handbook A Guide to Thermal Power Plants Swapan Basu
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Technical books that have theoretical and practical approaches
are available worldwide about several subsystems
of thermal power plant instrumentation and controls. This
book endeavors to act as a way to balance two extreme
lines of thinking, giving a comprehensive approach to
plants’ measurements and controls.
What is here is primarily meant for professionals
working with thermal power plant instrumentation and
control systems. Budding (fresh) engineers who start their
careers in thermal power plant instrumentation and control
engineering, and those practicing professionals of other
disciplines, will greatly benefit from the comprehensiveness
and practical approaches in this book. It will be a very
good reference for engineering students who are pursuing
higher-level studies in various branches of engineering.
Highly developed and advanced mathematical deductions
are passed up as much as possible; instead physical
explanations have been given so that readers get a
proper feel of the system so that the book could be kept
within a very limited dimension. The text part incorporates
an abridged description on the subject being dealt with
along with relevant figures and tables to visually show a
clear picture of it. In all cases, detailed specifications of the
instruments, subsystems, and systems have been included
in addition to practical control loops and logistics to enable
the book to be “all-time companion” for practicing
Discussions about both subcritical and super-ultra supercritical
power plants, as well as IGCCs, have been
included in order to take a look at future trends in power
plants. Content keeps pace with development work in the
field of electronics and control and communication engineering,
with special attention to inclusion of the means
and methods of system integration with fieldbus systems,
OPC servers, and so on. Application of artificial intelligence
and fuzzy logic in power plant instrumentation have
been covered in detail.
In an attempt to incoporate this extensive subject area
into the form of a book, the authors have carried out a great
deal of research over years so as to include the knowledge
gained during their decades-long global experience in
thermal power plant instrumentation engineering. We wish
to convey our sincere thanks to the companies who
entrusted us to work in this specialized area of engineering.
The authors feel rewarded only when their research work is
able to benefit future engineers who can serve the global
population by providing scarce pollution-free energy for
human development.